What’s Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is an extra step in the payment process that protects you when you’re shopping online. It’s offered by many UK banks and building societies, as it helps to prevent other people using your card details without your permission.

You don’t need to sign up as it’s something we do automatically with all Nationwide cards. It is a good idea to make sure we have the right mobile phone number for you, as we’ll need to use it sometimes to check it’s you making the purchase.


Not all online retailers enable Verified by Visa, so you might not always see a Verified by Visa screen. You can still buy from them, but we won’t be able to carry out our Verified by Visa checks.

How Verified by Visa works

Most of our checks will take place behind the scenes without you noticing, but occasionally we’ll need to contact you to check it’s you making the payment.

If this happens:

  1. you’ll see a Verified by Visa message box on your screen after you enter your card details
  2. you’ll get a text message from Nationwide that contains a unique code
  3. we’ll ask you to enter the code into the Verified by Visa message box
  4. you’ll then be able to select ‘Submit’ and finish your purchase.

Hints and tips:

If you don’t get a text message within a few minutes, you can select ‘Resend’ in the Verified by Visa message box to ask for another one.

Example of Verified by Visa code screen

How to be sure the text message is from us

You’ll know it’s a genuine text message from us if:

  • you get it just after you (or the joint account holder) have entered your card details online
  • it contains the last four digits of your card number.
Example of Verified by Visa text message


We’ll only ask you to enter your Verified by Visa code into the message box online. Please don’t share your code with anyone else, and call us as soon as possible if anyone asks for it.

Do you need some help with a payment?

If you don’t receive a text message, it could be that we don’t have the right mobile number for you or you don’t have any signal.

If you can, please call us 0800 464 3053 (UK) or +44 1793 774 100 (abroad) between 8am and 8pm, and we’ll help you make the payment.