Nationwide has been made aware that mobile phone users, including Nationwide customers, may receive SMS (text) messages on their mobile phones, advising you that your details are on a website and that you should visit the site to check them. Doing this could cause a Trojan to be loaded onto your PC.

One website address which has been used is PERSDATA7.COM (do not under any circumstances visit this site) and there are many other similar sites. If you receive an SMS like this you should delete it immediately and not visit the website. If you've already visited any sites like this, you should to go to the security section of the Nationwide website and run one of the free anti-virus scans to ensure your PC is clean.

You shouldn't use your PC for online banking or making online purchases until you've ensured your PC is clean.

Law Enforcement Agencies are aware of these sites and are taking steps to close them down.