What is a browser?

A browser is software that gives you access to the internet. Without it, you wouldn't be able to visit websites and do activities within them. For example, without a browser you wouldn't be able to log in to the Internet Bank, view our pages, watch our demos and many other things.  There's a choice of browsers available and, like any other software, they often need updating as new versions are released.

Why should I get the latest browser version?

For your security and safety, we strongly recommend that you use the latest version of your preferred browser. To update popular browsers follow the links further down this page under the heading 'Browsers we support'.

Microsoft provide security updates and technical support for their Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browsers only. If you're using an older version your PC or Mac may become vulnerable to harmful viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

Check to see if you can access our Internet Bank

We do everything we can to make sure our Internet Bank is compatible with today's popular browsers and regularly test against them so you get a great banking experience.  Check our tool below to see if you can access our Internet Bank.

Check your browser settings

 JavaScript enabled?
 Can access secure sites?
 Images enabled

What to do if you can't access our Internet Bank

Sometimes disabling functions on your browser can cause problems when trying to access our Internet Bank.  If you've checked your browser settings on our tool above and it's displaying No, to be able to access our Internet Bank - you will need to go into your internet browser settings menu and choose enable. Check your browsers help section for further information.   

It's also worth checking you have the latest version of your browser installed. The links below are some of the browsers we support, although they're not specifically recommended by Nationwide.

Browsers we don't support

We don't support the following browsers:

  1. Any Beta versions of browsers 
  2. Any browsers running on any Linux distribution (e.g. Konqueror/KDE, Firefox/Ubuntu) 
  3. Internet Explorer version 11 and older for the FlexOne online identification process (not applicable to mobile browsers)
  4. Safari version 10 and older for the FlexOne online identification process (not applicable to mobile browsers)

Beta versions of browsers are still in development and although they may work, we need to ensure they work correctly. For this reason we can't provide you with any technical support.

Support is given on the basis that you don't switch off certain features in the browser settings (e.g. disabling JavaScript) or customise the browser in ways that may affect how it works (for example, adding browser extensions that may cause content not to load or render properly).

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