From 01 June 2019 we are making some changes to our savings interest rates. You can check the interest rate on your savings account(s) in the Internet Bank, Banking App, or you can visit our 'check your interest rate' webpage.

Accounts affected by the 01 June 2019 interest rate change

01 June 2019 rate changes FAQs

As a building society, we regularly review our savings interest rates to make sure we can continue to build a strong, sustainable society for all our members – and this sometimes includes having to make difficult decisions, such as lowering our rates.

Children's savings total just five per cent of Nationwide savings balances, but we pay much higher rates to members who have these accounts than to our other savers - and of course we only have so much member financial benefit to share with our members. We think it's important to make sure the value we can share, is shared more evenly across our membership.

Smart Junior ISA, Smart Limited Access and Child Trust Fund accounts.

A new issue of Future Saver has also been launched, with a reduced rate. However all existing Future Saver accounts opened before 1 June 2019 will continue to receive their existing interest rate.

Interest rates changed on 1 June 2019.

If you want to keep your account at the new interest rate, then no further action is needed.

If you hold a Child Trust Fund or Smart Junior ISA, the account cannot be closed. However a transfer out can be completed. You will need to contact your chosen manager to start this process.

If you have a Smart Limited Access account, this can be closed at any time, and the balance moved elsewhere.

You will have received a letter informing you of changes to your savings account if you had £100 or more in your account (at the time when we wrote to you). This means you will have been given at least 14 days’ notice of the change in line with the account terms and conditions, and the regulations that govern your savings account(s).