On 28 June 2018 we made some changes to our savings interest rates. You can check the interest rate on your savings account(s) in the Internet Bank, Banking App, or you can visit our 'check your interest rate' webpage.

Accounts affected by the 28 June 2018 interest rate change

28 June 2018 rate changes FAQs

As a building society, we regularly review our savings interest rates to make sure we can continue to build a strong, sustainable society for all our members – and this sometimes includes having to make difficult decisions, such as lowering our rates.

We will continue to work hard to deliver market-leading service for our members and provide highly competitive products.

Interest rates changed on 28 June 2018.

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You will have received a letter informing you of changes to your savings account if you had £100 or more in your account (at the time when we wrote to you). This means you will have been given at least 14 days’ notice of the change in line with the account terms and conditions, and the regulations that govern your savings account(s).

You will have received a letter for each affected account you hold with a balance of £100 or more (at the time when we wrote to you). However, these letters may have arrived on different days due to the order in which they were posted.