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Payment difficulties

These are the most common charges you may have to pay if you fail to keep up with your mortgage payments. Some charges, for example those covering unpaid / returned Direct Debits or cheques, occur at the early stages of your inability to pay (arrears).Other charges, for example, relating to our repossession of the property, may apply later in the process and will be dependent on your circumstances. For further information, please visit our money worries section.

Name of fee Arrears visit
What the fee is for The cost of a visit to your home by a Nationwide representative, if this is necessary to discuss payment arrears.
How much is the fee? £111
Name of fee Final collections letter
What the fee is for If you've not been able to make and maintain an agreement to repay your outstanding arrears balance, this letter may be sent to you to let you know what you need to do to avoid further action.
How much is the fee? £10 per contact address.
Name of fee Cancelled eviction
What the fee is for The cancellation of an eviction for which a date has already been set by the court.                                              
How much is the fee? £133
Name of fee Possession fee
What the fee is for Administrative costs of setting up the eviction, taking possession, marketing, sale of the property and closure of the account file.
How much is the fee? £391
Name of fee Referral to solicitor
What the fee is for A formal instruction sent to solicitors instructed by Nationwide to start legal action for possession of the property.
How much is the fee? £18
Name of fee Property valuation
What the fee is for The report obtained from a valuer as to the estimated market value of the property and its suggested sale price.
How much is the fee? £72

For a full list of our mortgage charges and a description of when these apply, download our Tariff of Charges.

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