You can add or remove a borrower on your mortgage without increasing the amount you've borrowed. This is called a change of borrower or transfer of equity. There is no change to your existing deal and you will not lose any current features.

Adding or removing a borrower

You can:

  • change from a single to a joint mortgage
  • change from a joint to a single mortgage
  • remove a borrower and add a new borrower to your joint mortgage.

There is a £125 fee for a change of borrower application. You need to pay this fee when you make the application. It can't be added to the mortgage loan. We'll refund the fee if we decline your application.

Being eligible to change borrower

We can't change the borrowers on your mortgage if:

  • Your property is let
  • Your mortgage will continue to have three or more borrowers
  • The person being removed from the mortgage will remain living in the property, and a lifetime tenancy is, or will be, in place.

What to expect when you apply to change a borrower

We'll need to make sure you can afford the mortgage by carrying out a credit check and an affordability assessment on all applicants.

All applicants will need to provide us with proof of income.

We accept the following documents:

  • If you are currently employed – your most recent payslip and if you’ve received any bonuses that need to be taken into account, we’ll also need to see your P60.
  • Self-employed – SA302 forms for the last two years (this is a brief summary of your income that reported to HMRC).
  • Unemployed – a letter from HMRC or the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).
  • Employed – but currently on maternity leave, we’ll need a letter from your employer that states when you’re returning to work.

Ways to apply

Over the phone

To change a borrower on your mortgage, give us a call:

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.
Saturday 8.30am to 4pm.
Closed Sundays and bank holidays.

03457 30 20 10

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