Choose a statement type from the list below to see how to access it, and what it covers. Find out how to order a replacement or paperless statement.

Full statement with balance and transactions for the date range selected.
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Your balance, all transactions, charges and interest earned.
Instructions on how to view your statement online
Login to the Internet Bank

A mini-statement of your balance and the last 10 transactions.
How to request a mini-statement at an ATM
Find mini-statement transaction codes

If you have a card, a statement is sent within 3 months of a card transaction.

Every year we'll send you an Annual Savings Promises Statement (as long as you have £100 or more in your account(s) when we produce the statement).

The statement shows both the rate you’re receiving and details of our range of savings accounts.

Order replacement and paperless statements

Order a copy of statement if you need a replacement or an alternative format.

Register for paperless statements on the Internet Bank if you’d rather not get them in the post.

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Alerts to keep you up-to-date with new and existing savings accounts.

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