Your annual Savings Promise Statement gives you a summary of your Nationwide savings accounts. It helps you check on your savings, tells you about tools and services we offer and gives you details of our current products.

Here are the answers to some questions you might have about your statement. If your question isn’t answered, give us a call on 0800 328 7814 or visit us in branch.

Interest rates on variable rate accounts can go up or down during the year. There can be several reasons why the interest rate may change:

  • You were getting a bonus interest rate which has now finished
  • You haven’t met the eligibility requirements for a higher interest rate
  • The account has matured into another account with a different interest rate
  • The variable interest rate has changed

There are a few reasons why your account may not be shown:

  • If you opened your account after the date of your statement
  • Your accounts have been closed or have a negative balance
  • It’s an account for a business, charity or other organisation.

You'll only get a statement if you had £100 or more in your accounts when we produce the statement. We won't send a Savings Promise Statement if:

  • You're under the age of 16
  • The account holder has died
  • We've had mail returned from your address
  • You're the beneficiary of an account held by someone else
  • Your accounts are closed.

Savings Promises statements will be sent to anyone aged 16 years or over.

Your statement was sent to the address we had on the date of your annual Savings Promise Statement.

Find out how to change your address.

Yes, please call us on 0800 328 7814 or visit us in branch.

We send you a statement as one of our Savings Promises, unless you’ve told us in writing not to. Please visit us in branch or call 0800 328 7814 for more information.