MySave is now Direct Easy Access 4 – to access your account please log in to Nationwide Internet Banking.

Registering for Internet Banking

MySave uses a separate log in to other Nationwide accounts so you'll need to register for Internet Banking, if you haven't already, to access and use Direct Easy Access 4. Once registered, you'll be able to use a single log in to access and operate all of your Nationwide accounts via the Internet Bank or by using our Banking app.

Joint accounts

Joint account holders will both need to register for Internet Banking to use the account if they're not already.  To do this you'll need an account number.  This could be your MySave account number, your new Direct Easy Access 4 account number or any other Nationwide account number you may have.

Operating your account

Your MySave Direct Debits

There's no Direct Debit functionality on your Direct Easy Access 4.

In order to transfer money from your nominated account into your Direct Easy Access 4 you’ll need to set up payments to be sent from your nominated account.  These could be single payments or you could set up a standing order if you’d like to save regularly.  The details you need to set payments up are:

  • Sort code: 070093 
  • Account number: 33333334 
  • Reference or roll number: This is your new Direct Easy Access 4 account as detailed in the letter we recently sent you. For example, 1234/123456789.

Interest rate and how it's applied

The interest rate on your new Direct Easy Access 4 will be the same as the rate which applied to your MySave on the date your account moved over. However, the rate is variable and may change in the future.

Interest payments will continue to be paid monthly as they are now.  For example, if you opened your account on the 15th of the month, then interest will be paid within 4 days of the 14th of the month.   This may differ according to the number of days in the month.

If you have more than one MySave account

If you have multiple MySave accounts, you’ll have one new Direct Easy Access account for each MySave account you have at the time your accounts move.

What else do I need to know?

Can I manage the Direct Easy Access 4 account in a branch?

No, Direct Easy Access 4 is an online account and can only be managed through the Internet Bank or by using our Banking app.

Why has my account number changed?

We needed to change this as Direct Easy Access 4 uses a different account number format to MySave.

Why do I have new terms & conditions?

New terms and conditions apply as there are some differences between your MySave account and the Direct Easy Access 4 account that you need to be aware of.   It’s important you read these and keep a copy for future reference.

I am an Attorney under a Power of Attorney on a MySave account, will this be transferred to the Direct Easy Access 4 account?

Yes it will.

Will my Nationwide membership rights be affected by the move?

No, your membership will stay the same.

Will this change affect Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) limits?

No, your FSCS limit remains at the current level for all deposits in your name with Nationwide.  More about the Financial Services compensation scheme

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