The table below indicates how much you can withdraw daily without notice.

 Account Type Branch by Cash Up to  Branch by Counter cheque Up to 
 CashBuilder  £500  £10,000
 Easy Access ISA  £500  £10,000
 Easy Saver ISA  £500  £10,000
 Flexclusive ISA  £500  £10,000
 Flexclusive Saver  £500  £10,000
 Immediate Access Annual  £500  £10,000
 Instant Access  £500  £10,000 
 Instant Access ISA  £500  £10,000
 Instant ISA  £500  £10,000
 Instant ISA Saver  £500  £10,000
 Limited Access Saver   £500  £10,000
 Instant Saver  £500  £10,000
 Loyalty Saver  £500  £10,000
 Members' Loyalty Account  £500  £10,000
 Monthly Income 60+  £500  £10,000
 Regular Saver ISA  £500  £10,000
 Save To Buy*  £500*  £10,000*
 Saver To Buy ISA*  £500*  £10,000*
 Smart Account   £500
 Smart Limited Access  £500  £10,000
 Smart Saver  £500  £10,000
 Treasurer's Trust  £500

* Withdrawal limits only apply on closure.

To find your nearest Branch or ATM please follow this link to our branch finder.

Cash withdrawals of £500+ and Bank holidays

For cash withdrawals over £500, please give your branch a minimum of 48 hours' notice (requests may take up to 72 hours - we recommend checking with your branch in advance) and bring identification with you to prove your name and address when collecting the money.

For Counter cheque withdrawals over £10,000

To request a counter cheque you will need to visit us in branch and bring identification with you, to prove your name and address. Subject to the Terms and Conditions of your account you can withdraw up to £500,000 per day with a counter cheque.

Cheques over £500,000 will require two full working days to issue. The cheque will be sent by Special Delivery to your registered address and will require a signature on delivery.