Ongoing Service

Ongoing Service

In our view making an investment choice is only the start. Nationwide Financial Planning offers an Ongoing Service option so we can work with you to help keep your financial plans on track.

What does our Ongoing Service include?

  1. Access to a Nationwide Financial Planning Manager should you need to review your Portfolio or want to discuss any aspect of the advice you have received. Make an appointment
  2. Access to the Personal Finance Portal so that you can top up your Investment, switch between funds and check the progress of your Investments at any time you choose via the internet.
  3. An Annual Customer Report which shows how your Portfolio is performing
  4. Our Investment Committee regularly monitors our panel of funds. We will send you additional information from time to time for example if we remove a fund from our panel or there is a sudden market change, we will let you know so that you can decide whether you want to take any action. Our Financial Planning Managers can work with you to implement changes on your behalf, to help ensure your holdings continue to meet your needs.
  5. Depending on the level of service we have agreed with you, your Nationwide Financial Adviser may also:
    • Contact you on an annual basis to ensure that your investments remain suitable for your needs. Generally unless we have agreed otherwise, this will be by telephone although we may also contact you by post, email, in person or any other way that is reasonable and appropriate at the time. As a result of this contact, your Financial Adviser may:
      • arrange an appointment to discuss your needs and circumstances;
      • recommend appropriate changes;
      • carry out changes that you wish to make;
      • confirm any changes in writing.

Ongoing Service is charged at the rate shown in your Advised Tariff of Charges, which was provided by your Nationwide Financial Adviser at the time of your investment. Ongoing Service is charged as a % of the value of your Nationwide Portfolio, including any sums invested directly into this via Cofunds or Legal & General, rather than via a Financial Planning Manager. It is charged daily and is taken monthly at the end of each calendar month. 

The value of your investment can go down as well as up so you may get back less than you originally invested

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