What is MoneyWatch?

MoneyWatch is a free service available to current account members who use our Banking app.

It enables you to track your money month-by-month and builds up a picture of what you're spending in your current account.

It will also alert you if big bills are coming in, or if something out-of-the-ordinary happens in your current account.

These are just some of the things MoneyWatch can tell you:

  • What money you've got coming in
  • Everything is broken down in bite-sized chunks so it's easy to understand
  • When large payments are due
  • It will also warn you about any unusual or unexpected payments
  • When funds in your account are running low
  • Helping you to avoid any charges for going overdrawn
  • How much you've spent on an overseas holiday
  • With a helpful overview to go through once you're home

You can also influence what you see, so you can easily get to the MoneyWatch features that are most important to you.


It recognises significant activity and spending on your current account, including mortgage/rent payments, Direct Debits or trips to the petrol station.

MoneyWatch generates up-to-the-minute information every time you request insight information when you are logged into the Banking app.

You don’t have to act on the information, but it’s there if you want to use it.

Using our Banking app on your mobile, look for the pie chart icon on the top left of your screen.

Each time you receive a certain type of information from MoneyWatch, you can rate how useful this is to you. This rating will help MoneyWatch tailor the type of information you receive in the future.

You can also choose whether you receive MoneyWatch updates in the ‘management’ section of the service.

Please note: if you are a new current account customer, it can take up to eight weeks for MoneyWatch to become available to you.

MoneyWatch uses the last six months of activity on your current account. The information it offers is predictive. It’s there as a guide to help you manage and understand your money better.

For example, MoneyWatch will look at any scheduled payments you have coming up, and it will let you know if it looks like you might not have enough funds to cover these.

All current account holders with access to the Mobile Banking app have access to MoneyWatch.

Joint account holders may not receive the exact same information because what you see depends on when you log in. But all transactions, regardless of which account holder made them, are used to come up with the information MoneyWatch offers.

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