The Banking app gives you a snapshot of your finances while you’re out and about.

You can view recent statement information through mobile banking including:

  • Current account - Transactions (past and pending) on your account for up to 15 months
  • Credit Cards - An overview of your latest monthly statement, plus any recent transactions since your statement was issued
  • Savings accounts - Transactions on your account for up to 15 months, excluding MySave (some savings accounts also have a mini-statement)
  • Mortgages - View payments made on your account for the last 3 years, plus view your interest rate, outstanding balance, agreed redemption date, repayments and overpayment balance.
  • Loans - View loan balance and amount outstanding

You can access older statement information, or search and filter your transaction data through the Internet Bank.

Please remember that the information in your Banking app does not replace your monthly current account or credit card statements, which contain important information about your account and may notify you of any upcoming charges. You should continue to log in to the Internet Bank regularly to view PDF copies of your monthly statements.