Your overdraft may have what is known as a reserve limit in place. This is a facility that allows payments to be made which take your account over your arranged overdraft limit.  Payments made in this way (above the arranged overdraft limit) will incur unarranged overdraft usage fees. Transactions which take your account beyond this reserve limit will be returned unpaid and will incur unpaid transaction fees.

Where can I find my reserve limit

You can find your reserve limit online, please log in to the Internet Bank and:

  1. Select View accounts
  2. Select your account link
  3. Select Other account services, from menu on the left side of the page
  4. Find Account services
  5. Choose your reserve limit
  6. At this point you can view your reserve limit or you can also choose to remove it.

Please note, the update to your reserve limit can take up to seven weeks.

If you don't bank online

You can register for Internet Banking or download our Banking app (you will need to be registered for Internet banking) or visit your branch and request to reinstate your reserve limit.