Notifying you of your first mortgage payment.

Discover when your new mortgage first payment will come out of your account and how much it will be.

Once you’ve completed you’ll receive your First Payment Notification, in writing within 5-7 working days, informing you of your first payment date, the amount to be paid and when it will be collected.

Your first payment

First payments can be higher than your ongoing monthly payment. This is because it’ll include interest from the date we released the funds to the end of that month, plus your ongoing monthly payment for the following month.

Example: If you move in on the 12th of May, your first mortgage payment in June will include interest for 12-31st of May as well as your ongoing mortgage payment for June.

However you may also notice that your first payment is lower to what was shown in your Mortgage offer. That’s because the payment quoted in your offer will assume your mortgage completes on the 1st of the month.

Managing your Direct Debit Payments

You can learn more about how to set up, change or amend bank details or a payment date on our Direct Debit page.

Overpaying your mortgage

If you can afford to, overpayments are a great way for you to save money over the term of your mortgage. You can decide to pay off a lump sum or pay off a bit extra each month, or do both. You can find out how to set up, amend or cancel an overpayment, and set up or amend an overpayment preference on our overpayments page.

Things to note:

Receiving a First Payment Notification before completion could mean we’ve released funds to your solicitor and they’ve not been returned within our 3 working day window.

If you’ve moved home, we will update your mortgage address, but not the addresses on your other accounts. Please remember to update your contact details for other products you hold with us by visiting your nearest branch.

Waiting for Cashback? If your deal included cashback this will be credited within 30 days of completion
to the same bank account that your mortgage payments will be debited from.