I (each of us if more than one is applying) agree that:

  • you can rely on the information I have given you on this form in deciding whether to lend me money or arrange my insurance and I confirm it is true, complete and contains all material facts relating to my application. I understand you may decide to decline my application, and that you can withdraw any offer you make me at any time without telling me why;
  • my mortgage with you will have binding conditions, and your Rules will apply. I can ask for a copy of each at any of your branches;
  • you must by law have the property I intend to mortgage to you valued for your own purposes. You recommend that I arrange for a more detailed inspection for my own purposes;
  • you will keep any form of commission insurers may give you for arranging my insurance with them as part of this mortgage;
  • if I take out a mortgage with you, you may transfer it to another lender who may not be (or be associated with) a building society. You will tell me before you do this and how it will affect my mortgage but I will no longer have the benefit of your Rules;
  • I may have to show where the money for the deposit on the property I am buying (if applicable) came from. You can keep copies of the identification I have given you;

    How Nationwide uses your personal information

  • details on this form and any claim I make may be shared with insurers. Anyone with information from other insurers about other claims I have made can share it with you on a search when you process this application;
  • any information about me and my account may be shared within Nationwide to open and manage the account, make lending decisions, collect debts, trace debtors, prevent fraud and money laundering and for business analysis. It may also be shared within Nationwide and with specialist companies for market research purposes on behalf of Nationwide. Nationwide may use my information to populate application forms for products provided or introduced by Nationwide. If I notify you of changes to my personal details, it is your normal practice to update all of my accounts unless I ask you not to. If I have opened an account or policy with another organisation introduced to me by Nationwide, you will pass these updates to them but I am advised to contact them to confirm the changes;
  • you will make searches about me at credit reference agencies who will supply you with credit information, for use in the assessment of credit products and other information as well as information from the Electoral Register, for the purpose of verifying my identity. The agencies will record details of the search type (credit or identification) and any previous and subsequent names, whether or not my application proceeds. I acknowledge that multiple credit searches may affect my ability to obtain credit elsewhere. You may use credit-scoring methods to assess my application and to verify my identity. Credit searches and other information, including any previous and subsequent names, which is provided to you and/or the credit reference agencies, about me and those with whom I am linked financially may be used by Nationwide and other companies if credit decisions are made about me. Any of this information may also be used for identification purposes, debt tracing and the prevention of money laundering as well as the ongoing management of my account;
  • any information about me and my account can be shared within Nationwide to prevent or detect fraud, or to assist in verifying my identity. You may also search the records of fraud prevention agencies who will supply you with information. You may pass information to financial and other organisations involved in fraud prevention to protect yourselves and your customers from theft and fraud. If I give you false or inaccurate information and you identify fraud, you will record this and pass it to fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering;
  • For applications in joint names

    By making a joint application, I am creating a financial association with the other applicant, I am also confirming that I am entitled to:

    • Disclose information to search about the other applicant(s) and/or anyone else referred to by me;
    • Authorise you to search, link and/or record information at credit reference agencies about me and/or anyone else referred to 'by me'

  • For joint applications, Nationwide will only send documents and correspondence to one address. Before completion of the mortgage, this will be the address of the first applicant and after completion, this will be the security address or an agreed correspondence address;
  • For applications in a sole name

    Information held about me by the credit reference agencies may already be linked to another individual who has an existing financial association with me. For the purposes of my application I may be treated as financially linked and my application will be assessed with reference to any "associated" records;

  • where I borrow or may borrow from you, you may give details of my account and how I manage it to credit reference agencies. If I borrow and do not repay in full and on time, you may tell credit reference agencies who will record the outstanding debt;
  • I have the right of access to my personal records held by you and the credit and fraud agencies. Nationwide charges a fee for this service. I can ask for a copy of your leaflet 'How Nationwide uses Personal Information' which will tell me how to apply for my records and explains in more detail how my information will be used by Nationwide and the fraud prevention agencies;
  • Nationwide may inform me of special offers, products and services, either by letter, telephone or e-mail. If I am a new Nationwide customer and I do not wish to receive marketing material by letter, telephone or email, or any combination of these I can write to you at Nationwide Building Society, Marketing Opt-Out, FREEPOST SCE 7125, Swindon SN38 9LY.

    If I am an existing Nationwide customer my current marketing preferences will continue unless I tell you otherwise. If I have given a previous marketing instruction to any subsidiary or trading division of Nationwide Building Society, my request will not change. ‘Nationwide’ means Nationwide Building Society, its subsidiaries and trading divisions. If I require further information I can ask for a copy of the leaflet ‘How Nationwide uses your personal information’. This can be requested from a branch and is also available online at www.nationwide.co.uk
  • I have read the terms and conditions and the section entitled 'Use of my information'. By submitting this application, I agree that you can use my information in this way;

    "Nationwide" is Nationwide Building Society and its subsidiary companies.




    By applying to open an account after 2nd November 1997, you also apply to be a charity member of The Nationwide Foundation (“the Foundation”) unless you are already a charity member.

    You agree that, if:

    • the account is opened by the Society and you are or become a charity member of the Foundation; and
    • the Society subsequently enters into an agreement to transfer the whole of its business to a company,

    you will assign to the Foundation (or any charity(ies) nominated by it, but to no other person) all rights to or in connection with any conversion benefits to which you would otherwise become entitled as a member or depositor at any time before, or within two years, after your membership of the Society comes to an end.

    You make this agreement:

    (a) with the Society (acting for itself and for the benefit of the Foundation), in return for the Society opening the account you are applying for, and you acknowledge that the Foundation may enforce the benefit of your agreement with the Society under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999; and
    (b) with the Foundation directly, in return for the Foundation granting you charity membership (if you are not already a member).

    This agreement means that, without any further notice to you:

    • the Society may make over to the Foundation (or to any charity(ies) nominated by it) any such conversion benefits; and
    • the Foundation may exercise all your rights in relation to any such benefits.

    You understand that this agreement is irrevocable and cannot be amended or varied without the consent of both the Society and the Foundation and that neither the Society nor the Foundation will release you from this agreement.

    You understand that (except in the case of any class of person where the Society considers this to be inappropriate) the Society will require on behalf of itself and the Foundation that all applicants for share and mortgage accounts agree to the above condition (or a condition having substantially the same effect), unless the Society decides and announces by press release that it is no longer in the best interests of the Society to do so generally on a continuing basis. Any such decision by the Society would not have retrospective effect and you would continue to be bound by the above condition.

    For this purpose:

    “conversion benefits” means any benefits under the terms of any future transfer of the Society’s business to a company (i.e. on conversion or takeover) except the statutory right to have shares in the Society (including any balances on share accounts) converted into deposits with the company; and “Society” means Nationwide Building Society and, if it merges with any other building society, includes such other society.