1. I declare that:-

  • I am 16 years of age or over;
  • I am the child/I have parental responsibility for the child;
  • I/the child does not have a Child Trust Fund account;
  • I will be the registered contact for the Smart Junior ISA;
  • The child is resident in the UK, or is a UK Crown servant, a dependant of a UK Crown servant or is married to/in a civil partnership with a UK Crown servant;
  • I have not subscribed and will not subscribe to another Junior ISA of this type for this child;
  • I am not aware that this child has another Junior ISA of this type;
  • I am not aware of other Junior ISA subscriptions that will result in this child exceeding the annual limit;
  • I will not knowingly make subscriptions to Junior ISAs for this child that will result in the subscriptions limit being exceeded;


  • I authorise you to hold my/the child's cash subscriptions and interest earned on those subscriptions;
  • I authorise you to make on the child's behalf any claims to relief from tax in respect of Junior ISA investments;
  • I agree to the Nationwide Smart Junior ISA terms and conditions (copies available on request) and confirm that to the best of my belief the information including personal details on this form is true;
  • I agree that you may decide to decline my application;
  • I agree that as well as the account conditions, Nationwide's Rules apply to this account and I can obtain a copy of these in any of your branches;
  • The child named will be the beneficial owner of the account investments.

2. I agree that, if this account is opened by Nationwide:

  • The account holder will be bound by the account terms and conditions.
  • The account holder will become a member of Nationwide (if not already a member) and be bound by Nationwide's Rule. You can get a copy of Nationwide's Rules at any of our branches.
  • The account holder will be bound by Nationwide's charitable assignment scheme. Unless they have been a member of Nationwide continuously from 2 November 1997 or fall into a special group to which the scheme does not apply, the account holder agrees to be bound by the terms of Nationwide's charitable assignment scheme. Under the scheme:
    - The account holder will become a member of Nationwide Foundation if not a member already. The Foundation is a registered charity and is a focus for our charitable giving.
    - The account holder agrees with us and with the Foundation to assign to the Foundation any rights to any windfall benefits they might otherwise have received in the unlikely event that we transfer our business to a company.

3. You can ask for a copy of the product guide at any branch or find product information at www.nationwide.co.uk.

4. This is an application to open a Smart Junior ISA.