If you have a current account with us, this table shows the key ways of supporting you when you need us. 

How we can help you if you are experiencing money worries
Dealing with
the unexpected
  • If you or someone you care about is experiencing illness (such as cancer, dementia, depression or anxiety), our Specialist Support team is here to help.
  • If you have missed any payments or are worried about missing payments on your Nationwide accounts, please talk to our Triage team right away. They can also help if you have any concerns about your overdraft, loan, mortgage or credit card. The sooner you talk to us, the more we can help you.
Specialist Support Team

Money Worries
Additional help and support
  • We work with a number of charities and agencies who provide support and advice to people struggling with money and debt.
  • You can find their details, along with other information and support available to you, on our ‘Challenging Times’ page on nationwide.co.uk.
Challenging Times
How we can help you deal with a major life event
Contacting us
  • Your local Nationwide branch is always happy to talk to you about your circumstances. We can arrange a private room if you prefer. 
  • You can also call our contact centre, email or write to us.
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Ways to Contact Us
Specialist support
  • Our Specialist Support Team can offer a case by case review of your unique situation and offer appropriate support options
  • You will be introduced to a highly trained case manager who can support you at a challenging time, act as your voice and assess all your products with Nationwide.
  • We also have helpdesks available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, to support you with Bereavement and Power of Attorney
Specialist Support Team

Challenging Times
  • You can let us know when someone dies by visiting a branch, calling our contact centre or using our online form. You can also find information and guidance about wills, probate, and inheritance tax on our website. There are also details of charities and organisations who can support you.
  • Nationwide is also part of an online notification service that means you can tell multiple financial providers all at once when somebody dies. 
  • Our website also has a checklist to help you contact the right people and organisations.

Death Notification Service

Bereavement Checklist
Other life events
  • We provide accounts which support specific life events such as: first current account (FlexOne), becoming a student (FlexStudent), graduating (FlexGraduate) as well as every day accounts (FlexAccount, FlexDirect, FlexPlus) and a basic account (FlexBasic).
  • Our website contains useful guides to help you plan for and deal with major life events. 

Our current accounts


How we can help you manage your day-to-day money better
Helping you 
understand your money
  • Our Mobile Banking app helps you to manage your account day-to-day and includes a cashflow tool so you can monitor your income and spending.
  • You can request free text alerts to notify you of a high or low balance, or to send you a mini-statement. We’ll also text you automatically if you’re about to enter an unauthorised overdraft.
  • We have online tools to help you manage your account, including your overdraft.
Download Mobile Banking

Register for text alerts
Overdraft calculator 
Helping you develop
your financial skills
  • If you need support to get started using our online services, our branch teams will be happy to help you get up and running.
  • Our website provides a free budgeting tool.
  • We also offer a range of free financial online guides on our website.
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Budget Calculator

Support you may find useful if you have a disability or a physical or mental health condition
Accessing cash
  • Over 80% of our ATMs have a talking function, to help members with sight loss to safely use the ATM.
  • If you can’t use the ATM, our branch colleagues can support you to make a withdrawal from the counter. 
  • We may be able to arrange for someone you trust to withdraw cash from the branch for you.
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Someone managing your finances 
Using your account
  • You can use our branches, internet bank and mobile app to carry out most of your account transactions, with some services also available through telephone banking and ATMs.
  • Our branches all carry “Helping Hands” units, with a range of accessibility tools to support your everyday account use.
  • We can provide accessible card readers, with larger display and buttons, and audio function to help you access the internet bank. If entering a PIN is difficult for you, chip and signature cards can be provided instead.
Accessibility Services
Accessing information
  • You can find out information about your account through our branches, internet bank, mobile app, telephone banking and ATMs.
  • Most of our mailings can be sent to you in large print, Braille or on audio CD. Details of this and our other accessibility services are available on our website. 
  • If you use British Sign Language, you can call our contact centre via SignVideo, where an interpreter will relay the conversation. 
Accessibility Services

Sign Video Service
Allowing someone else to help you use your account
  • If you are worried about how you or a relative will manage your money on an ongoing basis, you should talk to us about your options, including Power of Attorney.
  • In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to allow someone else to support you without a Power of Attorney in place. Our Specialist Support team can discuss your options with you.
Someone managing your money

Specialist Support Team
Ways to interact with us
  • Our colleagues understand that everyone has different needs and circumstances and will do everything they can to support you. You can talk to us in branch and we can arrange a private room if you prefer. Or you can call our contact centre or contact us online.  

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