We’re proud to be one of the few providers who still offer age upgrades, which extends to cover you up to any age. However, we also have to make sure that what we offer is sustainable for our Society as a whole and, unfortunately, this sometimes means having to increase prices.

How travel insurance age upgrades are changing from 3 January 2019

We’ve lowered the age for age upgrades from 75 to 70.

You’ll need to buy an age upgrade if you’re aged 70 or over, or if you’re going to turn 70 either before or during your holiday.

We’ve increased the cost for age upgrades from £50 to £65

If you need to purchase an age upgrade, or renew your existing one, it will cost £65.

Why have age upgrades changed?

Though we’d rather not make these changes, we need to make sure that the cost of providing age upgrades is sustainable for our Society as a whole.

If you have a joint account

If you have a joint account with another person who also needs an age upgrade you’ll only need to buy one age upgrade for both of you.

What if I already have an annual age upgrade?

You’re covered for any holiday up to your next renewal date. At renewal, you’ll need to pay the increased price of £65.

What if I booked my holiday before 3 January 2019?

No matter when your holiday is going to take place, if you’ve booked before 3 January and you’re under 75 years old, you don’t need to do or pay anything.

How to purchase an age upgrade

To purchase an upgrade simply call U K Insurance Limited on 0800 051 0154. Calls may be recorded.