You can view upcoming payments online, please log in to the Internet Bank and:

  1. Select 'Move money & manage payments' - tab located at the top of the page.
  2. Find 'View outgoing payments'.
  3. Choose your account - if you have more than one account a drop down list is provided.
  4. Select 'Go'.

The available balance shown is not a representation of the total outgoings for the selected period. Payments that are not included are:

  • Direct debits
  • Cheque withdrawals
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Skipped payments

Features on this page:

  • Other views - You can choose to view: in the next month, in next two months, in the next year. The links are within the upcoming payments page, next to show all payments.
  • More details - To view details about your payment you can select the plus (+) button.
  • Sort your payments - Select the title of each column to sort your payments in ascending or descending order.

If you don't bank online

If you don't bank online you can visit us in branch for further information.