You can top-up your mobile phone using your card (excluding Nationwide Credit Cards), at any Nationwide branch based cash machine (ATM).

How to top-up your phone

Insert your card into the ATM, and

  1. Enter your PIN
  2. Select 'Pre-Pay top-up'
  3. Select your phone operator
  4. Select the amount you want to top-up
  5. Enter your mobile phone number

Click this link to find your nearest ATM.

Further information

  • All major networks and phones are eligible, you will need the mobile phone operator and telephone number.
  • All Nationwide card based accounts can use this service, but other banks or building societies may not have enabled this.
  • You can top-up £10, £15, £20, £30, £40, £50 (Smart accounts up to £25 per day). The amount is debited from your account immediately and credited straight to the phone. It will show on your statement as 'telephone top-up' and show on ATM receipts as 'MT'.
  • The amount you top-up is part of your daily cash withdrawal limit, the transaction will be rejected if you exceed the limit. Telephone network providers may set their own daily limits.
  • A confirmation message will show your top-up was successful and a receipt will be provided with all your transactions. If your phone does not receive the credit, or you experience any other problems, you must contact your mobile phone operator.