Did you know you can pay in your cheques by post instead of coming into branch?

Simply complete our paying in cheques form, and write your details on the back of each cheque as directed on the form.

Print and sign the form, then post it to us, along with your cheques, to:

Nationwide Building Society
PO Box 8888
SN38 1NW

Fill out a paying in cheques form

Please ensure you have completed the checks below before sending your cheque, if this information is not included on the cheque we may be unable to pay your cheque and your cheque will be returned;

  • The cheque is in date;
  • The cheque has been signed and dated;
  • The cheque has both the words and figures on the front of the cheque and that these match;
  • That both the sort code and account number is included on the back of the cheque on the right hand side (we will pay the cheque to the account confirmed on the back of the cheque).

Don't have a printer?

If you can’t print the form, write these details on to the back of each cheque, on the right hand side only:

  • The account holder’s name(s)
  • Preferred contact number
  • Sort code
  • Account number


You must include all this information on the right side of the back of every cheque you send. The left side needs to be left unmarked so we can process the cheque. Without all these details, your cheque may be rejected.

Once the above details have been added to every cheque, please post them to us at the above address.

How long will it take for my money to be available in my account?

You'll be able to access your money two working days after we receive your cheques, so you’ll need to take postage time into account.

You might see the amount pending in your account before it becomes available.