Overpay your loan

All Nationwide Personal Loan customers can make overpayments of any amount at any time during their loan term. Your monthly loan payment will never change even when an overpayment is made. You still need to make your monthly payments as normal following an overpayment and Direct Debits will continue to be collected on the due date.

If you wish to make an overpayment online from your Nationwide current account, you will need to be registered for the Internet Bank.

Online from your Nationwide current account

  1. Log in to the Internet Bank
  2. Use the 'Quick Transfer' option on the left side of your screen
  3. In the 'From' section, select the account you wish to make a payment from 
  4. In the 'To' section, select your Personal Loan
  5. In the 'Amount' section, enter the amount you want to transfer
  6. Check the details and select 'Go' to make the payment

You can also make an overpayment through our Banking app

To make a payment from your non Nationwide current account

To make a payment from a non Nationwide account please give your provider the following payment details. Sort code 070070 account number is 00001760 you will also need to provide us with your name and loan account number as a reference.

Send a cheque to:

Personal Loans Admin
Nationwide Building Society
Kings Park Road
Moulton Park

Please make the cheque payable to Nationwide Building Society, adding your account number in the payee section i.e.

Payee: Nationwide Building Society - 070070 / 00000000

Visit us in branch

You can visit us in branch to pay your settlement amount.