If you have a query about our fixed rate loyalty savings accounts, the questions and answers below may help. Alternatively, you can check your account's Summary Box and terms and conditions you were provided with when you opened the account, for more details.

The loyalty fixed rate accounts are available to anyone who is a UK resident and has been a continuous member* of Nationwide for at least a year. This is in addition to the criteria for Fixed Rate ISA, Fixed Rate Bond and Fixed Rate e-Bond product range.

*To be a member you must have a current account, mortgage or savings account with us.

Yes. There is no restriction on the number of fixed rate products you can have. 

In addition to our 1-year fixed term products, we have a range of savings accounts, such as instant access and limited access products.

You can view our full range of savings accounts, or use our Savings Selector which is designed to see which one might suit you.

You'll be able to see how long you've been a member with us when you log into our Internet Bank and Banking app

No, withdrawals aren’t possible during the term of the account. If you need to make a withdrawal, you can ask us to close your account before it matures, but you’ll need to pay an early access charge (shown in the table below). The charge will be taken from interest you’ve earned before we close the account. If you’ve not earned enough interest, it will be taken from the money in your account before we close it.

Term 2 years 5 years
Loss of interest 180 days 365 days

Our Fixed Rate ISA, Fixed Rate Bond and Fixed Rate e-Bond have a 14-day cooling off period (when you can close or transfer your account without any charge.)

You can see all your loyalty accounts in the Internet Bank or Banking app (if you're registered for Internet Banking) or at your local branch.

If you open a Loyalty Fixed Rate ISA or a Loyalty Fixed Rate Bond, we’ll send you a certificate within a few days with your account balance and interest rate.

As with all our accounts, these accounts can be withdrawn at any time without notice.