Portfolio Bonds

Important changes to our Ongoing Advice

We’re constantly reviewing the products and service available to you.
Following a recent review Nationwide have taken the decisions to no longer offer a bond product for new investors and also to stop providing advice on the suitability of Investment Bonds.

From the 31 December 2018 we will no longer have a Bond product available for new investors and will, therefore, stop offering advice on them. As a result, we won’t be able to meet investors’ ongoing advice needs after that date.

The last date you’ll be able to receive advice on this from one of our Financial Advisers is 28 February 2019. Then, from 1 March 2019, Origen Financial Services Limited will look after you, so long as you haven’t opted out of allowing Nationwide to transfer your details to them.

Origen Financial Services Limited is an award-winning financial advice company with a national presence. They provide impartial advice, backed by a national financial services organisation, in Aegon UK PLC. As such, we believe them to be a suitable alternative provider – and they have committed to replicate the Nationwide customer agreement, at no extra cost to customers, for twelve months from the date of transfer.

No – you can choose to opt out, if you like. If you decide to do this, please let us know before 13 Feb 2019 by giving us a call on 0800 464 3079, between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and we’ll make sure your Bond data doesn’t transfer over to Origen.

Just be aware, though, that if you opt-out of the transfer and need advice relating to your Bond in the future, you will need to find a different financial advice provider. You can search for local independent advisers at unbiased.co.uk.

  • Access to a Financial Adviser who will help you review your investments, and also help you make any changes or discuss any aspect of the advice you’ve received.
  • Access to an online tool which allows you to view your investments.
  • A personalised Annual Report showing how your investments are performing
  • The services of an Investment Committee which will monitor your investment and check that it performs as expected.
  • Also, if you pay 0.75% Ongoing Advice charge, Origen will get in touch with you once a year, to make sure your investments remain suitable for your needs.

You’ll be able to see them for advice on any stocks and shares ISAs and OEIC/Unit Trusts that you’ve arranged through Nationwide. You just won’t be able to see them about your Select Portfolio Bond.

This describes, in detail, the terms and conditions that apply to the charging for your advised services. You can find more details here.

After the transfer, Legal & General will continue to collect the Ongoing Advice Charge from the Bond, just like they do now, but it will be paid to Origen Financial Services Limited, rather than Nationwide Building Society.

Once the transfer takes place, HMRC may require VAT to be applied at 20% (there’s no VAT added at the moment). If this is the case, Origen will confirm this with you, and you will then see an increase in the Ongoing Advice Charge.

Yes – Legal & General (being the Bond product provider) will continue to send you annual statements.

Of course. If you’d like to do this, simply contact your Nationwide Financial Adviser for more information. After that date, if you’ve opted into Nationwide transferring your details to Origen Financial Services, they will be able to help you with this.

If you’ve opted out of the Bond data being transferred to Origen, you can top-up your Bond directly with L&G. However, if you need advice, you will have to find an alternative financial advice provider. If you’d like to explore your options, unbiased.co.uk is a source of impartial information.

No, Origen will look after your Estate Planning needs from 1 March 2019 (as long as you don’t opt out of the data transfer).

It won’t. Your obligations will not change as a result of the transfer. To find out more about your responsibilities as a Trustee, take a look at our Guide for trustees.

You can call them on 0344 209 3937 between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday or email clientliaison@origenfs.co.uk

Yes, they’ll get in touch with you after the 1 March 2019.

No, but Origen Financial Services’ advisers will be happy to arrange to see you either at home or in an office location convenient to you.

If you have a complaint about the original advice you received or anything that happened before 1 March 2019, then please contact us on 0800 30 20 15 or online at nationwide.co.uk/complaints. Or if you prefer, you can visit your local Nationwide branch.

If you transfer your Bond data to Origen Financial Services Limited, then they will send you an Annual Customer Report and you will have access to an online tool for your Select Portfolio Bond.

You will still have access to a separate online tool and will receive another Annual Customer Report for any ISAs or Unit Trusts you hold with Nationwide.

Nationwide will keep data (including personal data) relating to your Bond advice for 5 years from the date of transfer. If you have other investments with us, then we will keep your data (including personal data) for 5 years from when you stop being a Nationwide customer.