If you have any questions about managing your account, check the frequently asked questions below to see if we can help (just click the question and the answer will appear underneath).

You can increase your account balance by £100 each month. This means you can pay in up to £100 and any money you withdraw from your account (in the same calendar month) can be paid back in, for example if you pay in £100 and take £50 you can pay £50 back in, in the same calendar month.

Here are other examples:

Start of month Mid-month End-month Total deposit Total increase
Example 1 Deposit £100 - - £100 £100
Example 2 Take out £20* Deposit £120 - £120 £100
Example 3 Deposit £100 Take out £50 Deposit £50 £150 £100

*Example 2 requires a starting balance sufficient to be able to take out £20.

No, to take money out, you will need to make a transfer from your FlexOne Regular Saver to your FlexOne current account (or another Nationwide account if you have one) by logging in to our Internet Bank or Banking app.

Once the money is in your current account you can withdraw it as normal or use your current account card.

Nothing, you can continue using your account until you are 23 years old.

When you're 23 your FlexOne Regular Saver account will be closed and any money in it transferred to an instant access savings account.

We will do this for you automatically and tell you about the change before it happens.

No, you can only have one FlexOne Regular Saver account.