You can use your existing debit card (and any new card we send you) to make purchases and withdraw cash abroad, wherever you see the Visa symbol. There are fees for using your card abroad

No, the FlexBasic account doesn’t offer a chequebook facility. 

Of course! When you apply we’ll ask you at the very start if you want to open a sole or joint account. It’s as simple as that.

Want to turn your existing account into a joint account? Just request an 'addition of an account holder form' from any branch or you can send us a secure message if you're registered for the Internet Bank and we’ll send a form to you.

Note: Both account holders will need to be present when the account changes are made.

Using an ATM

As long as you have enough in your account, you can withdraw up to £500 in any one day.

In branch

You can withdraw up to £500 a day at your local branch, as long as you have the money in your account. If you need more than £500, please give your branch at least 2 full working days' notice. (Some requests may take up to three full working days – so we recommend checking with your branch beforehand.) For cash withdrawals over £500, you will need to present one piece of ID – either your passport or driving licence with the paper counterpart (copy).

From a post office

You can withdraw up to £500 in cash at any Post Office branch using your card and PIN.

All cheques paid in via a Nationwide Branch or Nationwide Fast ATM before 7pm (Monday to Friday) will clear by 11.59pm the next working day.

For withdrawal and "certainty", if a cheque is paid in to the account on a Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holiday or at a Nationwide cash machine then the day of deposit will be the next working day.

When you ask us to make Direct Debits, standing orders and bill payments on a future date, we attempt to make these payments in the morning.

Retry of failed payments

If there are insufficient funds in your account to make the payment we will try to make the payment again on the same day at 2:30pm. This is to provide you with additional time to get cleared funds into your account. You can do this by paying cash into your account at a Nationwide branch, making a Faster Payment or a quick transfer online from another Nationwide account.

We want all our customers to feel happy with the service they receive. If we’ve made a mistake, or let you down, please tell us so that we can put things right and do better next time around.

Our making a complaint page talks you through how to complain and when to expect a reply from us.

Our products and services are designed to be accessible to all our customers. For more information please visit our accessibility page.

Yes. Your current log in details won't change. When your Cash Card is replaced with a FlexBasic card, you'll be able to use a card reader to log in and make payments on the Internet Bank. If you haven't already got a card reader, we will send you one once your Cash Card is replaced.

Card readers provide an extra level of security. See our Card Reader page to find out more about how to use a card reader and the security benefits.