IMPORTANT: Our Savings General Terms and Conditions, which apply to this product, are changing. The changes will apply from 1 May 2018. Please follow the relevant terms and conditions links on this page to see a summary of the changes.

In addition to the Savings General Terms and Conditions, the following conditions apply to Monthly Income 60+. If there is a conflict between the general conditions and these Monthly Income 60+ conditions, the Monthly Income 60+ conditions will take priority.

1. The account is only available to UK residents aged 60 or over.

2. The account can have a maximum of two joint account holders. In the case of a joint account, all account holders must be aged 60 or over.

3. The minimum initial deposit is £100 and the minimum balance is £1.

4. The maximum balance in the account is £5 million.


5. Interest is paid on the last day of each calendar month and can only be paid to a Nationwide savings account (excluding Regular Savings) or a current account with us or any other provider.

6. If interest for any month is less than £1 it will not be transferred to this other account but will be carried forward and added to interest earned in the following or subsequent months until the accrued interest exceeds £1. Once the interest due reaches or exceeds £1 it will be paid to the other account on the last day of that calendar month.