Current Exchange Rates

Please note: The exchange rates below are only for funds being transferred out of your Nationwide account. The exchange rate for payments into your account may be different, as the foreign currency payment for your account will be sent by the sending bank and when we receive it we will convert it into Sterling using our latest standard inbound exchange rate. This transaction will show on your account statement.

When you make a SWIFT or SEPA payment in a foreign currency from your Nationwide current account, you’ll be given the current exchange rate for your specific payment before you submit your request.

Last updated on 15/04/2021
A summary of exchange rates
SWIFT Code Name Rate
AED U.A.E Dirham 4.9515
AMD Armenian Dram 714.5058
AUD Australian Dollar 1.7395
BBD Barbados Dollar 2.6797
BGN Bulgarian Lev 2.2011
CAD Canadian Dollar 1.6870
CHF Swiss Franc 1.2428
CZK Czech Republic Koruna 29.1247
DKK Danish Krona 8.3717
DZD Algerian Dinar 177.5479
EUR Euro 1.1257
HKD Hong Kong Dollar 10.4719
HRK Croatian Kuna 8.5089
HUF Hungarian Forint 403.9881
ILS Israeli Shekel 4.4232
INR Indian Rupee 100.9233
JMD Jamaican Dollar 199.5224
JPY Japanese Yen 146.5654
MXN Mexican Peso 26.9032
NOK Norwegian Krona 11.3010
NZD New Zealand Dollar 1.8813
PHP Philippine Peso 65.2709
PKR Pakistan Rupee 202.3399
PLN Polish Zloty 5.1253
RON Romanian Leu 5.5440
RSD Serbian Dina 132.1720
SAR Saudi Arabian Riyal 4.6292
SEK Swedish Kronor 11.3899
SGD Singapore Dollar 1.7992
THB Thailand Baht 41.9981
TRY Turkish Lira 10.9273
TTD Trinidad & Tobago Dollar 9.1268
UGX Ugandan Shilling 4866.7280
USD US Dollar 1.3481
XCD East Carribean Dollar 3.6265
ZAR South Africa Rand 19.1819

Comparing costs for sending payments in an EU/EEA currency within the UK and EEA

When you ask us to make a payment to an account in an EEA country in euros or another EU/EEA currency, we will also provide you with our charges for carrying out the currency conversion calculated by comparing our standard outbound exchange rate against the latest euro foreign exchange reference rates issued by the European Central Bank (ECB).

Both our standard rate and the ECB rate vary and so the latest rates available to NBS will be used to calculate the total currency conversion charge. Our standard outbound exchange rate will be displayed at the point that you request the payment within the Internet Bank and the effective date of the ECB rate that will be used will also be displayed, as these rates are updated every working day at 3pm.