Communicating with Nationwide securely via encrypted e-mail

The security of information transmitted electronically is a visible and highly regulated activity. Implementation of effective corporate policies to make e-mail communications secure has therefore become critical to mitigating risk for every organisation. However, effective protection means that security policies must be applied universally, and enforced between all the parties involved.

To achieve this Nationwide uses an e-mail encryption solution. This solution secures e-mail messages and file attachments by encrypting them transparently - thereby providing secure communication for all parties, whether customers, vendors or business partners.

If you are at this page because you have received a link to a Nationwide Secure e-mail: please use the Secure E-mail - Set Up Guide and the Secure E-mail - User Guide.

Please keep in mind that external mailboxes are not Nationwide's responsibility, and that your Nationwide Secure E-mail mailbox is a transient area, not a long-term storage area or archive. The data is not backed up and is cleared down on a regular three-monthly cycle. In this process e-mails are deleted and if you have not logged on between cycles your access details will also be deleted, leaving you unable to log on. In addition, there is a limit of 20MB storage and you will not be able to send or receive secure e-mails if you exceed this limit.

If you have any problems please contact the person who sent you the e-mail.