Security Centre

Feel safe and secure with Nationwide 

Here at Nationwide, keeping you safe and secure when you’re using our services is a high priority. We’ll do everything we can to protect your money, your personal information and your privacy. There are steps you can take to stay secure too.

How we keep you safe...

Card reader and text message codes

Card reader security

One-time codes provide additional security, protect your personal information and make sure only you can access your account.

Fraud awareness

Fraud awareness

By being aware of how criminals will try and get your money or personal banking details, you can help to prevent it.

How you can help protect yourself

Image - protecting your computer

Protecting your computer

There's many different ways a criminal will try and infect your computer with a virus. With knowledge, you can help avoid attacks and protect your computer.

How you can protect your security
Image - online fraud

Online fraud 

Fraudsters may try and trick you into giving away your log in details and other personal banking information. Tactics used could be social media, phishing, vishing or infecting your PC with malware.

More about online fraud
Image - email security

About email security

Occasionally, fraudsters use emails to try and get your personal banking details. The emails we send are only about products and service, we will NEVER ask you to update your details by email. 

Spotting bogus emails
Image - card fraud

Card fraud

If your card details are compromised electronically, via a phishing email or telephone scam, fraudsters could try and make purchases online or over the phone without your card being present.

Learn more about the types of card fraud