PPI complaints

What is PPI?

PPI is an insurance policy for loan, mortgage or credit card repayments if you're unable to work because of an accident, sickness and / or unemployment. The policy benefit is based on the type of policy taken.

The PPI Complaint Deadline

The deadline to submit a PPI complaint about mis-sale or undisclosed commission by 29 August 2019 has now passed. If you didn’t make a complaint about these things on or before 29 August 2019, you can no longer ask us to review your PPI policy for mis-sale or undisclosed commission, unless you meet one of the two conditions below.

1. Exceptional circumstances

If you couldn’t complain on or before 29 August 2019 because of ‘exceptional circumstances’ you may be able to complain to us, or to the Financial Ombudsman Service even though the deadline has now passed. The Financial Ombudsman Service has more on exceptional circumstances. Note the complaint will only be investigated if we agree that the failure to complain before the deadline was due to exceptional circumstances. Please complete the complaint form or call us on 0800 545 3004 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

2. Rejected Claims

You can also complain after the 29 August 2019 deadline if your PPI policy was still active on 29 August 2017 and you have had a claim on the policy rejected because of eligibility issues, exclusions or limitations in the policy. To be considered the complaint must relate specifically to the rejection of the claim. Please complete the complaint form or call us on 0800 545 3004 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Frequently asked questions

If you made your complaint on or before 29 August 2019, we’ll send you an acknowledgment letter to let you know we’ve received it. If you haven’t had an acknowledgement letter within 15 days of making your complaint, please call us on 0800 545 3004. Within 8 weeks of receiving your complaint you will also receive a final response from us or a communication outlining when you can expect to receive a final response. This final response letter will tell you our decision, give a breakdown of any compensation due and provide information about the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Please note that we expect to be particularly busy on and after the 29 August deadline so your final response may be delayed. We’re committed to resolving your complaint as soon as we can and will keep you informed of progress. This may involve calling you so it’s important for you to note our calls will display as an 0800 number on some phones.

If you aren’t happy with our final response, please contact us to discuss it as soon as you can and no later than 6 months after the date of the final response letter. If you still aren’t satisfied after contacting us, you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

If you received a final response letter and wish to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service, you must refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service within 6 months of the date of the final response letter.

Please complete the complaint form or write to us at the address below.

Nationwide Building Society
Kings park Road
Moulton Park

I need additional help and support

We want to make sure you can make a payment protection insurance (PPI) complaint easily, and that we give you a fair outcome, whatever your needs or circumstances. Please let us know if there’s something you need us to do or know about to make the process easier for you, and/or to help us to fully investigate your complaint. Examples of the types of things you might want to tell us about include:

  • Needing us to write to you in a different format (such as large print, Braille, audio or email) or get in touch with you through a specific channel (e.g. in writing only);
  • If you were experiencing a physical or mental health problem at the time your PPI policy was sold, which may have affected your ability to make an informed decision to purchase the policy, or are experiencing one currently that we should consider when responding to your complaint;
  • If you have experienced a major life event (e.g bereavement, redundancy), at the time the PPI policy was sold or more recently, which we should consider when responding to your complaint; or
  • Any other support that you might need to help with your enquiry or complaint (e.g. only contacting you at specific times or through a third party).
  • Your PPI complaint must include your full name, date of birth and current address