Comparing costs for sending payments in an EU/EEA currency within the UK and EEA

Here is an example of the cost for sending a payment in EUR:

Exchange rates fluctuate every day. The table below was last updated on the 6th October 2020.

Amount you want to send EUR 50.00 EUR 100.00 GBP 50.00 GBP 100.00
Nationwide Transaction Fee £20.00* £0.00 £20.00* £0.00
Estimated currency conversion charges** £1.03 £2.06 £1.11 £2.22
Total amount of the Payment in Sterling*** £66.43 £92.87 £70.00 £100.00
Total that will be paid to the payee in your chosen currency: EUR 50.00 EUR 100.00 GBP 50.00 EUR 107.68

*A Nationwide transaction fee will not apply if you are making a SWIFT payment in a foreign currency from the following Nationwide current accounts: Flex One and FlexStudent/FlexGraduate.

** This shows you our estimated charges for carrying out the currency conversion. We work out our estimated charges by comparing the amount you pay using our standard outbound exchange rate against the amount calculated using the euro foreign exchange reference rate issued by the European Central Bank (ECB). We have used our standard outbound exchange rate and the reference rate issued by the ECB as applicable on 6th October 2020, before 11:30am for the calculations above.

*** This will be the total amount that will be debited from your account, which includes any applicable Nationwide transaction fees and currency conversion fees.