What is Paym?

Paym is a free service that lets you send and receive money within the UK, securely to and from friends and family using just a mobile phone number. You don't need account numbers or sort codes and they don't even need to bank with Nationwide - Just make sure they're registered to use the service.

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  • Send money using the Nationwide Banking app
  • No more typing in account details
  • The money is sent quickly and securely
  • Send up to £250 per account, per day

Log in to the Internet Bank to sign up for Paym:

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What is Paym?

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Paym lets you send and receive money securely, using just a mobile phone number.

How to use Paym

How do I sign up to Paym?

  • You'll need to register for Internet Banking before you can sign up for Paym.
  • If you're already registered with the Internet Bank, sign in and then click through to the Paym registration page (found under 'move money'). You'll need your Customer Number, card reader and log in information to hand, along with your mobile phone to receive your login confirmation code.
  • If you haven't already got it, download the Nationwide Banking app on your phone to be able to send Paym payments.
  • Once you're registered, you can send and receive money securely within the Nationwide Banking app.

How do I send money to someone?

  • Both you and the person you're sending money to must be signed up to Paym.
  • Select Paym within the Nationwide Banking app.
  • In your mobile phone's contacts, select the mobile number of the person you want to pay – or just type in their number. The person you're sending money to must be signed up to Paym and if they're not we'll let you know. They'll also receive a text letting them know you tried to pay them.
  • Check the name that has been returned to make sure you're paying the right person.    
  • Choose which account you want to send money from.
  • Enter the amount you want to send – you can add a reference if you like, then click confirm.

How do I receive money?

When you sign up to Paym, simply select the current account where you'd like to receive Paym payments. 

When you receive a payment, we'll text you once the money is in your account.

What if my friends don't bank with Nationwide?

As long as they're signed up to Paym with their bank or building society, they'll be able to use the service.

Simple, safe and secure

Here's why Paym is one of the safest ways to send money to friends and family:

  • No need to write down or give out your accounts details
  • Confirmation of the name of the person you're paying
  • You instruct us to make payments within the Nationwide Banking app, so its safe
  • Details are stored securely using trusted technology.
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