How do I set up Google Pay™?

You can set it up using the Google Pay app

You'll need:

  • a device compatible with Google Pay
  • your Nationwide debit or credit card(s)
  • the Google Pay app.

You can download the Google Pay app from the Google Play store, if you don’t have it already. When you open the app, it’ll guide you through the set-up process. You can then add your Nationwide debit or credit cards.

You can add more than one card to a device, and the same card to more than one device.

Visit Google Support: Set up Google Pay

Once you’ve set it up, you can use it straightaway

You can use Google Pay with retailers that display the contactless or Google Pay logo.

Contactless and Google Pay logos

There’s no limit to how much you can pay in one transaction, but some retailers might only let you use Google Pay for payments of up to £30.

Available on devices running Android™4.4 or higher. Android and Google Pay are trademarks of Google LLC.  Google Pay and the Android Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.