How do I remove a card from Google Pay™?

You can remove your card in the app if you don't want to use it anymore

How to do it depends on the device you’re using.

Visit Google Pay Support: Edit or remove a payment method

Has your device been lost or stolen?

You can use Google’s 'Find My Device' service to lock your device and stop anyone else using it.

Visit Google Support: Find, lock, or erase a lost Android Device

Alternatively, you can log in to your Google Pay account. It’ll show your payment methods and let you remove or edit them.

Visit Google: Log in to your Google Pay account

Contact us if you need help

If you can’t remove your Nationwide card from your device, we can do it on your behalf. Please call us or speak to us in branch.

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03457 30 20 11 (UK)
+44 1793 65 67 89 (Abroad)
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Available on devices running Android™4.4 or higher. Android and Google Pay are trademarks of Google LLC.  Google Pay and the Android Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.