There’s a payment on my account that shouldn’t be there

Delays in processing VISA Disputes because of coronavirus

We’re receiving a lot of these at the moment, so it’s taking longer than usual for us to process these.

Before raising your claim, please try to resolve your dispute with the seller first, as we’ll need evidence of this to begin processing your claim.

Please don’t call us to check on your claim. We’ll contact you as soon as soon as we can.

If you don’t recognise the payment at all

It might be that the company is using a different trading name, or it could be a payment made by the joint account holder.

What to do if you don’t recognise a payment

If it’s a payment you recognise but weren’t expecting

Could it be a payment you made a while ago, but it’s only showing up now?

Most payments will show up within 7 days, but sometimes they can take up to 120 days. Check your previous statements to make sure they didn’t take the payment before.

Has a subscription renewed recently or has a free trial come to an end?

If so, it could be a recurring card payment. If you’ve previously given a company your card details, they might have put a payment through on it.

What’s a recurring card payment?

Is a company still taking a recurring card payment after you cancelled it?

Make a note of the date you cancelled and the payments they’ve taken since. Then speak to the company again or contact us if you need help.

Get help with cancelling a recurring card payment

If the company has made a mistake with your order or payment

We recommend you contact the company to see if they can resolve it. Most companies will be keen to put things right if they’ve done something wrong – for example, if they’ve charged you twice or sent you the wrong thing.

If the company doesn’t sort things out for you, get in touch with us

If we agree that they should refund the payment, but the company won’t co-operate, we can help you raise a Visa dispute to try and get your money back. We’ll ask you to fill in a form when you contact us, then we’ll take it from there.

Dispute a transaction on your credit card

If you'd like to raise a dispute on your Nationwide credit card, complete our Credit Card Dispute form or call us on 0800 055 66 11. Lines open 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm Sunday.

I want to dispute a credit card transaction

Dispute a transaction on your debit card

There are different ways to raise a dispute for a transaction on your visa debit card. The right option will depend on your reason for raising the dispute.

For some of these options you’ll need your customer number.
Find out your customer number if you’ve forgotten it

If one of the following statements applies, you can raise a dispute via our online form. (You’ll need your customer number for this.)

Select the option that best matches your situation:

If none of these options apply, the fastest way to submit a request is via the Internet Bank following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Internet Bank
  2. Hover over the 'Manage' tab
  3. Under the 'Contact us' heading, select 'report unusual activity'

If you’re not yet registered for online banking, you can sign up in minutes and submit your dispute online.

Or call our Visa Dispute team on 0800 30 20 11. Lines are open 8am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.


If you’re worried the payment has been taken fraudulently, please call us as soon as possible on 0800 30 20 11 (UK) or +44 1793 65 67 89 (Abroad). These lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.