Confirmation of Payee

What Confirmation of Payee is

Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is a new name-checking service that helps make sure payments, such as single payments, bills, standing orders and CHAPS, are sent to the correct personal or business account.

It does this by:

  • allowing a payer to check a payee’s account name before any payment is sent
  • reducing the number of mistakes made when setting up a payee for the first time
  • explaining the risk of paying an account where the name doesn’t match
  • helping to avoid certain types of Authorised Push Payment scams

When Confirmation of Payee will start

By the end of 2019, we will be able to confirm your account name with other banks and building societies when their customers want to pay you.

By 31 March 2020, when you pay a person or organisation for the first time, a check will be made on the account name before the payment is made. We’ll let you know more about this nearer the time.

Making sure you can receive a payment

It’s important that the person paying you has the right details.

They’ll need your:

  • full first name (for example, ‘Thomas’ not ‘Tom’)
  • last name
  • sort code
  • account number (and account reference, if needed)
  • account type – personal or business

For joint accounts, you only need to give them your name, not both names.

Expecting a payment into a non-personal account? Then make sure they have your full business or organisation name, and choose the account type as ‘business’ not ‘personal’.

Paying yourself from another account

If you want to pay yourself from an account you have with another bank, use your full first name and last name when setting up the payment. Don’t use a shortened name or nickname.

This includes payments into your Nationwide:

  • current account
  • mortgage account
  • savings account
  • personal loan account

How we match your name

Each bank and building society will have a slightly different way of matching a name to an account. But as long as the person paying you has the right spelling of your name, the Confirmation of Payee check should always be successful.

When we won’t be able to match your name

  • within the first 24 hours of opening a new account
  • on payments to a Nationwide credit card account (but we’re working on it)

Updating your details with us

You can avoid payment delays by keeping your details up-to-date. If anything changes - for example, your last name if you get married - please let us know.

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