If you’ve been financially affected by coronavirus, and you’re not able to pay your Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance premium (MPPI), you can apply for three months premium payment support.

Applying for this MPPI premium payment support will not affect your future premiums or benefits provided under the policy.

To be eligible for MPPI premium payment support, you must:

  • have an active MPPI insurance policy with Nationwide
  • not have already applied for MPPI premium payment support
  • you must have permission of all named holders on the policy
  • you have asked for a payment holiday on another credit product which you hold with us.

Before you apply

Check you’re still eligible, and can benefit from, your MPPI policy.

You’re still eligible if:

  • you’re aged under 65 years
  • you are in paid work for at least 16 hours per week. This includes self-employed work and statutory maternity and parental leave. It does not include temporary work
  • you live permanently in the UK (including Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man)
  • you have a mortgage.

To find out about other ways we’re supporting our mortgage members, which may help you during this time, visit our Home Support Hub.

Apply for MPPI premium payment support

To apply for MPPI premium payment support you’ll need to:

  1. Email the COVID19 MPPI Premium Payment Support Team at covid19mppi@nationwide.co.uk.
  2. Use “MPPI Premium Payment Support request” as the subject line.
  3. Include the following details in your email:
    • MPPI Policy Number or NBS mortgage account number
    • Policy holder
    • first line of the mortgage address & postcode

Please note: the email address covid19mppi@nationwide.co.uk can only be used to apply for an MPPI premium payment support.

Once you've applied

We’ll aim to process your request within 10 working days, after which you will receive an update by email.

Please don’t cancel your direct debit for your MPPI premium.

Further information and independent debt advice

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