FlexPlus and COVID-19

Life is certainly different at the moment. It’s a time none us would have imagined when you opened your FlexPlus account.

That’s why we’d like to remind you about your FlexPlus insurance cover, as well as some other things that will help you get the most out of your account benefits.

This information should help with any concerns you may have. But if you’d still like to talk to us, please get in touch.

Your FlexPlus cover and COVID-19

Worldwide Family Travel Insurance UK & European Breakdown Assistance Worldwide Family Mobile Phone Insurance

No cover for COVID-19 related claims on trips booked or accounts opened after 18 March.

Trips booked before 18 March, plus non-COVID-19 claims are still covered (subject to terms and conditions)

No change to cover No change to cover

Worldwide Family Travel Insurance

If you need to cancel your trip due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), you will be covered if you:

  • opened your account before 18 March 2020
  • and booked your trip before 18 March 2020

If you opened your account or booked your trip after 18 March, you will not be covered for a COVID-19 claim.

All claims are subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Why is 18 March so important?

18 March is the date from which COVID-19 was a known risk following the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice against all non-essential overseas travel on 17 March. As such, the risk of COVID-19 disrupting travel was fully known.

Your travel insurance still covers you for other claims (subject to terms and conditions). This includes non-COVID-19 related cancellations regardless of when you opened your account or booked your trip.

Making a COVID-19 related claim

Before you contact UKI about your COVID-19 Claim, make sure you check our guide to claiming.

Remember, you should only look to make a claim if you:

  • are currently abroad, due to travel in the next 28 days, or your travel date has already passed
  • opened your account and booked your trip before 18 March
  • have already spoken to your travel provider and debit or credit card provider (if you paid for your trip that way)

If you have completed these steps, the easiest way to make a COVID-19 related claim is by letting us know online. This will avoid long call wait times.

If you haven’t been able to use a policy upgrade due to COVID-19

We may be able to offer you a partial refund of your travel upgrade premium if you:

  • purchased the upgrade in the 12 months before 18th March 2020
  • haven’t made a claim
  • do not have any upcoming trips for which you are relying on the cover provided by your upgrade

We’ll work out your refund based on the number of days left of your upgrade after 18 March 2020.

If you choose a refund, your upgrade will stop from 18 March 2020. If you want to start your cover again, you will need to buy a new upgrade. Any new upgrade purchased on or after 18th March will not cover any COVID-19 related claims. Remember that if you are over the age of 70 you require an age upgrade for your travel insurance to be valid.

Keep in mind, we’re not able to pause or defer upgrades which are open at the moment.

If you have made a claim within your upgrade period and you think you should still be considered for a refund (because for example you made a claim for cancellation or cutting short your trip and subsequently received a refund from your trip provider), then please do not use the link above to register your refund request. Instead give UKI a call on 0800 051 0257 as we will need to validate that your claim has been completely closed and you haven’t received any settlement from us for the claim.

*Please bear in mind the conditions and restrictions outlined above will still apply.

UK and European Breakdown Assistance

There are no changes to your UK and European Breakdown cover.

We know that you may not be using your car as often now. But don’t forget, your breakdown assistance comes with Home Assist. That means your car will be covered if it breaks down at home.

Tips for keeping your car healthy at home.

Charge your car battery

If your battery keeps going flat, it’s probably best to get it checked or replace it – especially if you’re using your car for essential work at the moment.

Turn your engine on regularly

Even if you don’t drive far, any trip will help keep your engine healthy. You can even do this while parked. Just keep your engine going until your car reaches the right temperature. If your engine warning light comes on whilst you do this, some garages are still open to carry out essential work.

Regularly check your car

It’s important that your car is ready to go when you are. Make sure your lights, reflectors and indicators are clean and working. Check no lenses are cracked and your tyres are within the legal tread limits.

Worldwide Mobile Phone Insurance

There are no changes to your Worldwide Mobile Phone cover. But keep in mind, it may take longer than usual to resolve your claim.

If you’re not happy with your FlexPlus cover

Even during these hard times we believe FlexPlus continues to provide a comprehensive insurance package.

However, if you feel that FlexPlus is not meeting your needs, we have other Current Accounts that might be better for you.

To switch your account or speak to us, just give us a call.