Understanding your finances using OpenWrks

To give you the best possible support, our team will need a complete picture of your income and outgoings.

We know putting all this information together can be difficult. So, for members comfortable with managing their finances online, we've partnered with OpenWrks to help make things easier.

How it works

1. You share your bank statements securely with OpenWrks by connecting your accounts. (Note: OpenWrks only shares your budget with us, not your statements.)

2. OpenWrks put together an initial list of your income and outgoings.

3. They'll then ask you a few questions to help categorise some of your monthly transactions.

4. You'll be shown a budget that sets out a typical month of your income and outgoings. You'll be able to edit this.

5. Once you're happy, you mark the budget as complete.

6. You'll then be given a 9 digit code.

7. The next step is to speak to our team. By sharing this code with them when you call, they'll be able to see the budget you've created with OpenWrks and start using it to help you right away.

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Why we’re asking you to do this

  • Building a picture of your finances can be hard. OpenWrks will make it easier.
  • OpenWrks is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so your data is safe with them.
  • It removes the guesswork, so we can tailor our approach to your needs.
  • It will reduce the questions we’d need to ask during our call.

Prefer to get help another way? Visit our money worries page.