My card reader won't switch on

The batteries might be dead, so you could try changing them

You’ll need 2 X CR2032 batteries:

  1. Turn the card reader over so the back of the card reader is facing you.
  2. Push the tip of a pen into the small, rectangular hole towards the bottom left of the card reader – this releases the battery drawer.
  3. Turn the card reader back over and pull out the battery drawer.
  4. Note which battery is showing the ‘+’ and which is showing the ‘- ’ symbol.
  5. Replace the batteries, with the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ in the same position as before.
  6. Push the drawer back into the card reader.

Order a new card reader for free

Most of our branches have card readers you can take away with you, so just pop into branch and pick one up. Or you can order one online and we’ll post it to you (this will take around 5 days).


If you’ve recently registered for the Internet Bank, it can take up to 7 days for your card reader to arrive.

Order a new card reader

You can still log in without a card reader

If you don’t have a card reader to hand, you can still log in to the Internet Bank. Just be aware that you will need a card reader to pay someone new or change your personal details.

Log in to the Internet Bank without a card reader