My card reader isn't working

Use someone else's card reader

Any bank or building society’s card reader will work, as long as it accepts your debit card – it’s equally safe and secure.

Try changing the batteries

  1. Turn the card reader over so the back of the card reader is facing you
  2. Push the tip of a pen into the small, rectangular hole towards the bottom of the card reader – this releases the battery drawer
  3. Pull out the battery drawer and replace the 2 X CR2032 batteries

Need a new card reader?

Fill in the online form or pop into branch and we’ll send you a new card reader within 5 working days, free of charge.

Order a new card reader

Log in without a card reader

You can still log in to the Internet Bank without a card reader, using your memorable data and your 6-digit passnumber.

Log in with your memorable data