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We are committed to ensuring that all our products and services are easily and equally accessible to all our members, enabling disabled people to conduct their business with us without difficulty. Nationwide is a long-time supporter of web accessibility and aims to provide a first class service for all our website visitors, regardless of ability.

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Digital Accessibility Centre

In addition to our own routine testing, we also engage with a specialist accessibility testing organisation, Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC). Since we undertook a major redesign of in 2014, DAC have conducted an annual review of the site. We are pleased to report that DAC have awarded us with their AA Accreditation certificate each time, the most recent being granted in February 2016.

Find out more about our AA Accreditation certificate

Digital Accessibility Centre AA accreditation

With the original accreditation, DAC commented: “We thank you for making your website inclusive to as wide a range of users as possible. We realise that you have placed a great deal of effort into this and congratulate you on your efforts.” With the February 2016 re-accreditation, DAC added “Congratulations to Nationwide for working hard again this year to make its website inclusive and accessible for all.”

Our website

Every care and consideration has been given when building our Internet site so that it will be compatible with assistive technology, including screen readers and screen magnification tools.

Our pages feature proper headings and subheadings, lists for blocks of navigation and forms that can be used and navigated by keyboard alone.

Nationwide routinely checks web pages – when amendments are made to existing pages and when new pages are released – to ensure that they meet our accessibility requirements, and we do respond positively to feedback regarding the accessibility of any of our pages or services.

Known Operating System specific issues

Our web pages conform to Level A of the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines but in the majority of cases meet the higher AA level.

Our online applications for our Current Accounts, Credit Cards and Personal Loans aren’t compatible with some assistive technology such as screen readers. We’re working hard to fix this. In the meantime you can still apply in one of our branches, by telephone (0800 30 20 11) or textphone (0800 37 80 01).

Make a suggestion about improving our accessibility.

Our Internet Bank

We are constantly striving to improve the accessibility of the Internet Bank, and will continue to monitor and check all our web pages to ensure they meet accessibility standards.

We work alongside the Digital Accessibility Centre, and the Internet Bank has undergone thorough accessibility testing by their team who are all people with disabilities.

Our goal is to ensure customers with disabilities are able to navigate effortlessly around our Digital services, and we have implemented a number of features to help us achieve this aim.

Features of our Internet Bank

  • 'Skip to' navigation links.
  • Form fields with associated label tags.
  • Support for screen reader technologies, keyboard navigation, and commonly-used access keys.
  • Alternative colour themes including High Contrast.
  • Clear link phrases used throughout (no 'click here' links).
  • Web pages styled using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Text equivalent versions of our internet banking demos and statement graphs.

Known Operating System specific issues

The Internet Bank is compliant with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0 to level AA, with some exceptions that we're working on:

  • Screen reader users may have difficulty reading some pages as some headings appear in an illogical order throughout the Bank
  • The ‘go’ buttons within in the ‘view upcoming payments’ page cannot be tabbed to
  • Some areas have poor visible focus when tabbed to, depending on browser used
  • The tab order appears illogical in certain areas of the site
  • Some PDF links, such as statements, do not notify the user that they are PDFs in the link description
  • Mandatory fields are not currently notified to screen reader users in all areas. However we recommend to complete all fields as it is important data
  • Screen reader users may have difficulty in reading the timeout and logout layer. We advise that screen reader users use the headings dialogue by pressing Ins+F6 to navigate to the layer, or Ins+F7 to bring up a list of links within the layer to either remain logged in or choose to log out
  • The 'Products' area has low colour contrast when choosing the 'High contrast' theme. We advise that users follow instructions on how to set their own style sheet or by disabling colour within the browser

Make a suggestion about improving our accessibility.

Help and advice using our Internet Bank

Browser support

The Internet Bank has been optimised for use with the following browsers:

  • Firefox version 4 or later
  • Internet Explorer version 7 or later
  • Safari version 4 or later
  • Chrome version 12 or later

More advice can be found in the Setting up your browser section.

The Internet Bank has been built to web standards (W3C) and should support the use of all assistive technologies configured to work with these standards, for example JAWS.

We have fully tested the internet bank using JAWS v10.

Changing the size or colour of the display

The Internet Bank does offer different colour schemes, including a High Contrast scheme which may benefit some users. You can change the theme by selecting the 'Manage my details and settings' option, followed by 'My site settings'.

You can also use the controls in your browser to change the size of the text or the colour of the display.

For example, to override website font and colour settings in Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
  3. Click the General tab, and then click Accessibility.
  4. Select the Ignore colors specified on web pages, Ignore font styles specified on web pages, and Ignore font sizes specified on web pages check boxes, and then click OK twice.

Keyboard navigation

If you are using a screen reader, you should be able to navigate through the site using the following keyboard commands:

  • H to move forwards through the page headings
  • Shift + H to move backwards through the page headings
  • 1 to navigate to the next level 1 heading (or 2 for the next level 2 heading, and so on to heading 6)
  • Shift + 1 to navigate to the previous level 1 heading (same applies for headings 2-6)
  • Insert + F6 to get a list of all headings on the page
  • Insert + F7 to get a list of all links on the page

Using forms

You can use your keyboard to move around pages and forms on the Internet Bank.

All form elements within the internet bank are mandatory unless they are marked as optional.

New windows and new layers

Some of the links within the Internet Bank will open a new window. Where this is the case, we will always let you know through a visual icon and hidden text.

Some links may also open in a new layer, like a pop up, on top of the page you are viewing.

Using a card reader

Nationwide introduced Card Reader Security to provide customers with an additional layer of security when logging in to the Internet Bank or making payments.

For customers who find the standard card reader difficult to use, we can provide a special Accessibility Card Reader, with larger buttons and a clearer display.

You can request an Accessibility Reader by contacting us on 0800 30 20 11 (Minicom 0800 37 80 01)

Our Banking app

Digital Accessibility Centre logo

We are committed to ensuring that all our products and services are easily and equally accessible to all our members, enabling disabled people to conduct their business with us without difficulty. Nationwide is a long-time supporter of digital accessibility and aims to provide a first class service for all our Banking app visitors, regardless of ability.

The Nationwide Banking app is compliant with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0 to level AA.

Our app has been designed to implement the native accessibility features found in both Android and iOS. There are optimal Operating Systems and target devices for both iOS and Android that the Nationwide Banking app has been built for.

These include:

 Optimal operating system & device

Operating system
Android Nexus
 5.0 and above*
iOS iPhone 6
 9.0.0 and above*

If you have issues using the Nationwide Banking app in accessibility mode, please remember that our accessible Internet Bank is also available.

The app is designed to work with native accessibility features on both iOS and Android devices including:

  • VoiceOver and TalkBack native screen reader services built into the operating system
  • Zoom Capability
  • Accessibility gestures to enhance experience for those with physical or motor challenges
  • Invert colours for users with low vision and to help reduce problems with screen glare.

General app navigation

The app has 5 main areas which you navigate between using the main menu icon in the top right corner:

  • 'Your Accounts' lets you view detailed account information such as transactions, and to start account based tasks, for example managing your overdraft facility.
  • 'Payments & Transfers' lets you move money between your accounts and send money to people and organisations you've paid before.
  • 'Products & Applications' lets you apply for some Nationwide products.
  • 'Details & Settings' lets you manage some personal details and app settings.
  • 'Help & Contact Us' provides useful information and ways to contact Nationwide.

Accessibility accreditation

The Digital Accessibility Centre is regularly commissioned to audit the Nationwide Banking app for accessibility. The last audit was carried out in May 2016. 

For more information about Digital Accessibility Centre accessibility auditing, please visit the Digital Accessibility Centre website.

Apple, the Apple logo, and the iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. 

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

*Beta versions of operating systems are not supported.

Known Operating System specific issues

  • Android Focus on the Statement screen: Expanding the number of months shown on the statement screen causes focus issues. The workaround for this is to utilise explore by touch.

We are always looking at improving our accessibility functionality and these issues are to be resolved as soon as possible.  However If you experience any difficulties in using the Nationwide Banking app, please contact us on 0345 266 08 94 and we will do our best to help. Or should you have any suggestions or feedback please get in contact us.

Our mortgage application

The online mortgage application tool has undergone thorough accessibility testing, including rigorous user testing by users who have a range of different accessibility needs.

Known Operating System specific issues

The Product Selection and Customer Details screens on the Rate Switch application need to be read in context because Mandatory fields are not picked up out of context.

If you experience any difficulties in using the Mortgage application, please contact us on 0800 30 20 10 and we will do our best to help.

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