This Key Product Information gives you information that is specific to the particular cash ISA you have with us. It forms part of the terms and conditions of your account and needs to be read together with the other documents that make up your agreement. If anything is inconsistent between those documents and this Key Product Information, this Key Product Information will apply.

Loyalty Single Access ISA

This account is designed for those who want to save within a tax-free cash ISA, but will rarely need to make withdrawals. You need to have been a continuous member of Nationwide Building Society for at least one year to be eligible for this account. You will be a member if you hold a product which carries membership rights, for example a current account, savings account or mortgage.

‘Account Year’ means the 12 month period from the date that the account was opened and each subsequent period of 12 months thereafter.

Conditions for holding your account

  1. You need to be aged 16 or over.
  2. From time to time we may offer new ‘Issues’ of the Loyalty Single Access ISA (you can check the Summary Box, which will identify which ‘Issue’ it is). You can apply to open a new product from the new ‘Issue’, even if you already have one from a previous ‘Issue’. But you can only hold one account from each ‘Issue’.


  1. There is no fixed term for this account.

Managing your account

  1. You can access your account in any of the following ways:
    • Via the Internet Bank or our Banking app (if you are registered to use the Internet Bank).
    • In branch.

Earning interest on money in your account

  1. Interest is paid annually at the end of the day before each anniversary of the account opening and on the date your account is closed.
  2. You can choose to have interest paid to you by having it added to this account, or by asking us to pay it into a different Nationwide current or savings account (as long as it is possible to make interest payments into that account) or a current account with another building society or bank.
  3. The interest rate payable on the account is variable. The interest rate is also variable based on the number of withdrawals you make during each Account Year.
  4. If you make one or no withdrawals in an Account Year you will receive the higher interest rate for the whole of the Account Year.
  5. If you make two or more withdrawals in an Account Year you will receive the lower interest rate for the period from the date of the second withdrawal for the remainder of the Account Year.

Restrictions on paying money into your account

  1. There are no additional restrictions on paying money into this account or transferring in money from another ISA manager other than those set out in the Cash ISA General Terms and Conditions.

Restrictions on withdrawing money from your account

  1. If you make more than one withdrawal in an Account Year, the lower rate of interest will be applied to your account from the date of the second withdrawal for the remainder of the Account Year.

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