It's not worth the risk

If you transfer money through your bank account in return for some ‘easy cash’, you’re being a money mule. This could cost you 14 years in prison.

That free money could cost you your freedom.

If you’re being promised lots of money for not much effort, be careful. This money could be linked to criminal activity, like human trafficking, drugs or modern slavery. Saying you didn’t know you were being used as a money mule won’t stop the police from taking action.

Being a money mule is a serious crime, you risk:

  • Facing a prison sentence
  • Losing your bank account and difficulty getting future financial products
  • Finding it hard to get things you need like phone contracts and student loans.

What to look out for?

You’ll see what looks like a genuine advert that offers you ‘easy cash’ by transferring money through your bank account. These adverts often target young people on social media platforms. We strongly advise you to not respond to any of these offers.

Top Tips

Ask yourself:

Is this a genuine offer?
Be especially careful of offers from overseas as it’ll be hard to check.

Why do they need me to transfer money?
A trustworthy company will never ask you to do this.