Empty Homes

Nationwide is campaigning to reduce the number of empty homes and we want your help to achieve this.

There are over 200,000 long term empty homes in the UK and Nationwide wants to take action to reduce this number. This year we’re supporting Empty Homes Week to help raise the profile of this issue.

Where appropriate, we want these empty properties brought back into use to help ensure that everyone can have a good quality home of their own. Rather than sitting empty, they can provide a safe and secure home for someone who needs it.

It won’t be an easy task, and we want to make sure our solutions to the problem are being effectively promoted and recognised by Government.

That’s why we’re asking you, our members, to support our work around Empty Homes Week by doing two things:

  1. Get in touch – you have the best understanding of the impact of empty homes in your area. If you’ve got suggestions and thoughts on how we can work to make an empty property into someone’s home, contact Eve in our policy team at policyandpublicaffairs@nationwide.co.uk
  2. Get in touch with your local MP to raise awareness of empty homes and support our campaign

You can find your MP's email address by entering your postcode at https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/ and the message we suggest sending them is below:


There are currently more than 200,000 empty homes across the UK, around two thirds of the Government’s housebuilding target of 300,000 per year. Many of these could be used to provide a good quality home to someone that needs it.

Action should be taken to help bring these homes into use. Local communities, working in partnership with local authorities and with the support of national government, should be at the heart of this work.

To achieve this, I am calling on you to support Nationwide Building Society’s proposals to bring empty homes back into use:

  • Restart the Empty Homes Community Grants Programme, which was in place until 2015 and funded community groups to bring empty homes into use.
  • Ensure local authorities have the ability to work with owners to bring properties into use.
  • Review the tax system, including council tax and stamp duty to see how it can encourage homes to be brought back into use.

Everyone should have a good quality home that they can call their own. Making an empty home, someone’s home can help achieve this goal

Best wishes