Nationwide lending activity by postcode sector

To improve understanding of where our lending takes place, Nationwide publishes data setting out activity by postcode for mortgage lending (for owner occupation and buy to let) and personal loans.

In order to provide the best mix between access to information and customer privacy, the information is organised by postcode sector level and shows total lending balances.

Reporting takes place every three months. Data is published six months after the reporting date. Previous reports can also be accessed.

The documents set out the total lending for approximately 10,000 sectors and include a search tool to find a particular sector as well as further details on the process.

The total lending analysed does not directly correspond with other available lending figures, such as those within the financial accounts. There are three main reasons why:
1. The financial information is prepared on a different basis (for example it includes accounting adjustments that are not reflected in the post code sector data). 2. Not all data can be allocated to a full postcode (for example the listed postcode may be no longer active, or records may not include the postcode information). 3. Some data has not been published to protect customer confidentiality (for example where there are only a small number of loans in any one sector).

Other large lending organisations will also publish data for lending to small businesses (SME lending) in addition to mortgages and personal loans. Nationwide lending to small businesses is limited and therefore it is excluded from the process.