Critical Illness Cover

A critical illness could happen to any one of us. If it does happen, Critical Illness Cover could help to minimise the financial impact on you and your loved ones. For example, if you needed to give up work to recover, the money could be used to help fund your mortgage or rent, everyday bills or even simple things like the weekly food shop – giving you and/or your family some peace of mind when you need it most.

This is not a savings or investment product and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made. Please refer to the Policy Summary for details, exclusions and limitations that apply.

More about our Critical Illness Cover ...

Pays a cash lump sum

If you are diagnosed with one of the specified critical illnesses during the length of the plan. Most policies also include life cover.

Cover for a range of critical illnesses

A wide range of critical illnesses are covered by the plan. Please read the Guide to Critical Illness Cover for details.

Early Days Advance Payment

A payment of up to £5,000, to help bring some early financial relief while the full claim is processed.

Extra benefits - your children are covered too

If you're a parent, it could bring some peace of mind to know that your children are also covered subject to terms and conditions. 

  • Accident Hospitalisation Benefit – pays an amount of £5,000 where a child is accidentally injured causing them to be admitted to hospital with physical injuries for a period of 28 days or more
  • Childcare Benefit – pays up to £1000 towards childcare with a registered child minder where a critical illness claim has been paid under the policy to a parent with a child under 5
  • Funeral Benefit – pays an amount of £4,000 towards the funeral where a child passes away
  • Family Accommodation Benefit – Pays an amount of £100 (£1,000 maximum) for every night a child spends in hospital in the 3 months following diagnosis of the critical illness covered.

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