Recommend a friend

As a member, if you recommend one of our current accounts to a friend and they switch their main current account to us*, you'll share £200.
You can earn up to £500 per tax year by recommending five friends. That's £100 per friend, when they switch to us.

  • Switching is stress-free with the Current Account Switch Service
  • You’ll both receive £100 after the switch is complete

* Excludes switching to FlexOne, FlexBasic and FlexStudent. Conditions apply, please read the terms of this offer.

Current accounts – your friend’s choice:

How Recommend a Friend works

  • 1 Give us a few details

    We’ll then send you an email within 1-2 working days, which you’ll need to share with your friend.

  • 2 Your friend switches their account

    They’ll need to switch their main current account to a Nationwide FlexAccount, FlexPlus or FlexDirect account within 90 days of the recommendation, and transfer at least two Direct Debits as part of the switch (standing orders and recurring card payments don't qualify).

  • 3 Your friend follows the link in the email you shared

    Your friend will then need to give us their details, including their switch reference number, which they’ll have received when the switch started.

  • 4 You both get £100

    As long as the terms and conditions of the offer are met, you’ll both get £100. Why stop there? Earn up to £500 every tax year by successfully recommending up to five friends.

What you need to know

Before taking the first step to being £100 better off, you'll need to:

  • have a current account, mortgage or savings account with us (which makes you a member)
  • be 18 years of age or over
  • Click on the link below to fill out your details on the recommendation form.

Your friend will need to:

  • switch their main current account to a Nationwide FlexAccount, FlexDirect or a FlexPlus account
  • give us their details as indicated in Step 3 above so that we can match you both together.
  • be 18 years of age or over.

Have any questions? See our frequently asked questions page about our Recommend a Friend scheme. 

AER stands for ‘annual equivalent rate’ and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded each year. 
Gross p.a. is the interest rate without tax deducted.

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